Concession of Urquiza Line

Regularity and efficiency in service
For more than 25 years, Metrovías is the concessionaire of Urquiza Line. The level of user´s satisfaction if of 89% and effectiveness in service reaches 97%, which makes it one of the most efficient railway services. Investments have allowed the renewal of 19.000mts of tracks, the construction of 23 railroad crossings and placing 10.600mts of perimeter fence in several sections of the Line. Regarding accessibility 87% of stations have been covered thanks to the incorporation of 12 ramps and 9 hoists
Users transported in 2018
Daily trains
Kilometers traveled in 2018
Renovation works
  • GPS system and Live Man Switch incorporation to the trains.
  • Renewal of connection in Lemos Station.
  • Signaling system adaptation.
  • Improvements in stations and tracks.
  • Railway level and underpass crossings.
  • Removal of graffiti and maintenance duties in interior of trains.
  • Weeding all the Line.
Km Length
Hours of Training
Strict maintenance

Ruben Darío Workshop:

Rubén Darío workshop, is situated in Hurlingham, it covers a Surface of 9.200 square meters and it has an important staff of Technicians and Operators. It centers all the works regarding repairs and maintenance of rolling stock which is used to operate the service: train wheel system, body, pneumatic system, electric, wheel profiling, sheet-metal work and tapestry.

Urquiza Line effectiveness

Effectiveness is measured between those programmed trips and the effectively carried out.

  • 97% efectividad